Bewater | Bepower Vitality Tritan


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Bewater | Bepower Vitality Tritan


Brand New to BeautifulHomesDirect, the stunning Bewater water bottles are truly a sight to behold. These water bottles are creative and fun. We offer 12 varieties of Bewater tritan water bottles that each feature a different gem chamber that contain some of the finest gemstones/crystals in the world, so you can find your perfect match. These are perfect for home, office, travel and make a great gift.




The Vitality Tritan, embedded with the Magnesite, which brings, relaxation | Red Jasper, which brings Strength | Infused with the Rock Crystal to balance out these effects and create Vitality.


These Gemstones are believed to improve: Circulation, Digestion, Metabolism and help detox your body. Which overall helps your body cleanse itself thoroughly.


Product Information:


Manufacturer: Bewater
Range: Bepower
Material: Tritan Plastic
Capacity: approx. 650ml
Colour: Clear (Orange and White)
Dimensions: 24.5cm (H)
(Note: the Gem Chambers are NOT changeable on the Bewater Tritan Plastic Bottles.)

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